Tour de Monde magazine: Part 1

A few weeks ago, Justin, one of the Sunny Days Prestige Travel team, had the pleasure of working with an international travel magazine, Tour de Monde. He spent the day showing the photographer, Lim Sung Soon, and journalist, Kim Soo-Hyun, some of the most spectacular parts of this wonderful area.
Kim and Lim had been in Nice and Monaco the previous days, but had been unlucky with the weather - but they had the good fortune of working with Sunny Days Prestige Travel for their last day in the region.
True to our name, Sunny Days delivered: the sun came out on cue, and thus Kim and Lim were able to take the photos and write the articles that would show of the French Riviera to their mainly Korean audience.
The magazine is currently being printed, but Sunny Days Prestige Travel have been given an exclusive preview of the articles. Here, then, is the first of their articles.


I think you'll agree, there is some wonderful photography in this article. Look out for further articles from Tour de Monde magazine in the next couple of days!
Sunny Days Prestige Travel - and especially Justin - would like to thank Kim, Lim and Tour de Monde magazine for allowing us to publish these articles.

You can download the article in .pdf here.
Find out more about Tour de Monde magazine here.


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Discover the St. Martin Garden during your full day trip to Monaco

Second smallest country on the Earth: 1.1 square mile (2 km²). The densest populated country in the world with 37,000 residents.
If you're lucky, you'll visit on a day with no cruise ships berthed in either Monaco, Villefranche or Cannes. If you're not, that same plot of land could have up to another 20,000 visitors.
"Quiet" is not how you'd describe Monaco during the height of the tourist season.

Feeling overwhelmed?

Then take time during your full day sightseeing trip to Monaco to enjoy the oasis of calm hidden on the Rock of Monaco, just a stone's throw from the Palais Princier.
The St. Martin gardens line the western edge of Monaco-Ville, and offer a breather from the heat of the tarmac and the waves of coached-in cruise ship tourists.

The perfect place to ponder :-

How exactly do the other half live?
(Well, by the looks of it!)

Who is this dashing fellow?

(Prince Albert I)

What happened to the age of adventure?

(It's the democratic age of adventure, now: go make your own memories!)

Was it THIS yellow submarine that inspired the Beatles?


Or this one?
(This one. Designed and built in 1966 by Jacques Cousteau.)

Or, the perfect place to snap some views that knock your breath out of you:-




Or the perfect place to wander amongst the art while enjoying a picnic:-





What will you do during your time in Monaco?
You could take a tour of the Palais Princier.
You could visit the Oceanographic Museum.
Or you could enjoy these sumptuous gardens, an oasis of calm in the whirlwind of Monaco.